Nordbo kept production going during COVID-19 at Hesheng​

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Case with Hesheng Metal

The CraftMate software automates grinding processes of automotive die-blocks and gave unexpected advantages during the COVID-19 situation.

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The manual grinding process at Hesheng

What Challenges
did the customer face?

Hesheng Metal was in need of an automated solution to optimize their production of automotive die-blocks as their current manual grinding process gave them the following challenges:

  • Each die-block needs to be grinded multiple times making a consistent result difficult to achieve
  • Operators suffered pains associated with performing repetitive tasks and using high vibrating tools
  • Hard to find automated solutions that can deal with the high variation in shapes

How did Nordbo Robotics
address these challenges?

To solve these challenges Nordbo Robotics used the unique AutoPath teach method to generate the robot path on a 3D point cloud and make it possible to configure a new grinding program within minutes. By creating a fixture and securing the part to be in the same position, the program can be repeated when there is a batch of identical die-blocks. Using the Nordbo Robotics NRS-6 Force Torque sensor at the end of the robot arm it is ensured that the correct amount of force is applied to the product during the grinding process, increasing output consistency.

The robot precision and repeatability together with Nordbo Robotics CraftMate software and force control ensured consistent quality output and gave Hesheng the following results:

  • Automated grinding process on their high variety of products, even on unique parts
  • Operators are relieved from the repeatable and heavy work and can now operate multiple grinding systems at the same time

The Nordbo software was implemented using the following hardware set-up:

  • 1x Nachi MZ07L robots
  • 1x Nordbo Controller
  • 1x NRV-D435 industrial RealSense 3D camera
  • 1x NRS-6 Force Torque sensors
  • 1x CraftMate demo cell

About Hesheng Metal

Hesheng Metal is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, and application of heat treatment of office automation hardware products, surface treatment of automotive molds, metal surface modification and metal material technology. It is the first metal surface treatment technology service provider in China that provides integrated solutions for mold steel, vacuum heat treatment, TD processing and HKS-G processing for the tooling and mold manufacturing industry.

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