Tecalum overcame challenges in polishing and grinding tasks with Mimic Sander

Mimic Sander opens up a world of new possibilities for Tecalum Industrial

For over 30 years Tecalum Industrial has provided aluminium die manufacturing services for industrial clients around the globe. The level of success and growth that Tecalum has achieved over this time has pushed them to a level where it was clear that they would need to implement automation in order to keep up with demand. 

The challenge

Similar to many small to medium sized enterprises, Tecalum began their automatisation journey with the implementation of cobot solutions. These cobots were the perfect solution for products that required even point to point finishing over flat surfaces. Despite these early successes, the team knew that the custom requirements of their clientele would often demand finishing that wasn’t easy to complete with point to point programming.  

Programming to account for curves, contours and bends while technically possible, was highly impractical due to the time it would take to program and the constantly changing product mix. To meet both the rising demand for their products, while maintaining the exacting standards needed by their clients, Tecalum reached out to us.

How did Mimic Sander streamline their processes?

Through this collaboration, Tecalum was introduced to the Mimic Sander platform which could be installed on their existing cobot hardware with relative ease. Once integrated, the Mimic software allowed the operators to simply demonstrate the tasks required to the robot and then observe while it copied their movements exactly, with no coding required! 

The power of the Mimic system is its ability to interpret the complex and precise hand movements that Tecalum’s skilled operators have learned through years of experience, into the complex computer code that’s required to program robot movement. The process is almost instantaneous and can be learned by operators who have no previous experience with robotics. It is also very important that with MImic Sander the operators can adjust parameters such as speed, pressure, or rotation angles as per their needs. 

 “What you have seen, it was impossible to do without the Mimic. We couldn’t afford the time to code on the robot.”

About Tecalum Industrial

The company was launched in 1965, with the manufacture of extrusion moulds. Years later, with the experience we acquired, we began to manufacture extrusion presses. The next stage was the extrusion of profiles for the industrial sector and products such as railings and dividers for the construction market.

Over the years, TECALUM has become a leader in the of the aluminium sector. The company’s extensive knowledge in the field of aluminium extrusion has placed it at the forefront of the sector, from where it now offers a comprehensive service, exporting its products around the world.

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