Bandelin’s quest for consistency led them to integrate Mimic

Bandelin has been a leading name in ultrasonic cleaning devices since 1955. These products handle a wide range of uses and include several laboratory and medicinal applications. Needless to say there is no margin for error when it comes to the production of this type of product.

The Challenge

An integral part of the process that Bandelin utilises in the creation of their ultrasonic baths involves a sandblasting step. Although integral to the process this position was becoming harder and harder to hire for. The sandblasting job was both physically demanding and involved wearing an uncomfortable environmental suit to protect from the particulate. Additionally the high turnover in this position led to a lack of consistency in their product line. To maintain their reputation for impeccable quality Bandelin would  need to find a way to automate.

How was Nordbo Robotics able to help?

Through the assistance of one of Nordbo Robotics certified partners, Adolf Neuendorff, Bandelin discovered a solution to their challenge. Implementing a Mimic kit with a Universal Robots cobot accomplished exactly what Bandelin desired. Through the demonstration of the tasks by the qualified sandblasting technicians the solution was able to complete the task with perfect consistency.

Nordbo Robotics celebrates the skills that humans bring to the process. We recognise that although these tasks can be unpleasant it doesn’t mean that they don’t require human skill. We hope that by automating these less desirable tasks we free up the skills of those humans to perform higher value jobs.

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