Nordbo Finishing Systems

Buffing and Polishing have long been considered difficult and tedious jobs, particularly when it comes to small items. Finding a way to automate this task was one of the first areas that Mimic Solutions were integrated.

Nordbo Finishing Systems have been sucessfully implemented in the productions of products from companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Meta to create that quality finished look on even the smallest of pieces.

Together with Amphenol we developed a fully enclosed finishing system that:

– Achieves the highest level of precision
– Closes the skills gap by automating undesirable tasks
– Increases productivity and throughput
– Decrease waste through higher levels of consistency

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Program using three different methods

Nordbo System for polishing Mimic scaled

Auto-Tuning with abrasives

The challenge of automating finishing processes is adjusting for the wear on the abrasives over time. Nordbo Robotics solves this problem through an auto tune feature. This allows for automatic adjustment of the program over the course of the abrasive’s life cycle, just like a human operator would have to do.

12 Dimensions of data for unequalled precision

With a Nordbo Finishing System surfacing applications can be carried out with even greater detail than ever before. This is achieved through the 12 data points that operators will have when positioning the robot for their applications. 6 of these come from the 6 axis robot itself and the other 6 are from the Nordbo Force/Torque sensor which comes as a standard part of all the Nordbo Finishing systems.

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Automate surface processing with complete systems

Here are mechanical setup examples of how we are able to customise finishing to fit into your process with cobots and industrial robots. The system’s state-of-the-art wet buffing capabilities are designed for and approved by Apple Inc. This means that the system has been rigorously tested and meets Apple’s high standards for quality and safety.
*The systems are shown without their enclosures or water extraction systems

PartT In Hand Mockup copy
Part in hand – Single

Cobots or industrial robots

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Part in hand – Double

Cobots or industrial robots

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Tool in hand – Orbital

Cobots or industrial robots

Nordbo polishing systems Mimic scaled

Designing to meet your needs

Designing of the system that specifically meets your needs starts with a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) process. A dedicated team member will assess your needs and specifications. Using this, we design the complete system and have it produced for factory testing. Once this is completed the system gets sent to the end user for onsite testing and training.

Transfer your movements to a robot and automate finishing

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Automate small productions with inconsistent batches and and fast programming
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Fast programming via demonstration or input of CAD/CAM models
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Enables very flexible setups with lower requirements on fixation of the batches
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Automate repetitive manual tasks within surface finishing
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Reduce the amount of material waste caused by human error
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Tackle labor shortage

Customer cases

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Powder Coating at Brandt

Case describing how G.A. Hansen helped Brandt Industrilakering to automate their powder coating process with the help of Nordbo robotics Mimic

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