We know that software alone cannot solve the automation-related challenges in surface treatment and quality inspection. Therefore we developed a variety of components to support and enhance Nordbo software platforms.

These components are designed with the end user in mind: the functionalities and materials are defined by the requirements of different application processes.

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Active Compensation unit

Robots equipped with a NAC unit can reliably measure the force applied by the tool on any working surface, achieving consistent contact force without any adaptations of robot paths.

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Force Torque Sensor

Need higher precision and accuracy? Combined with our software a force torque sensor brings application reliability to the next level!

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Flexible Spindle Mount

Protect your spindles from high contact forces with a flexible spindle mount.

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Tool Changer

The NTC-E10 is a precise magnetic tool changer with an optional I/O coupling module. The patented design uses electromagnets, which discards the need for pneumatic equipment.