Crafting The Way Robots Think

Why Automation?


Daring Robots Capabilities

Now you can teach robots complex movements without any programming experience!

“At Nordbo Robotics we combine human senses with Robot 
technology and that creates smarter and more flexible solutions.”

Leo Zhou – CEO Nordbo Robotics

The Nordbo Trinity Philosophy

We combine the best from both worlds

Sense of sight

Sense of touch

Sense of motion

Ability to teach, learn
and optimize

Sense of sight

Sense of touch

Sense of motion

Ability to teach, learn
and optimize

Process Knowhow



Flexible Production

Automate high – mix and low – volume production lines.

Quick Changeover

Easy and quick adaptation to unpredictable changes minimizing idle time.

No Code

Changing to different tasks with no need to reprogram or coding in matter of minutes.

What you get


Flexible Production

Be able to automate high-mix low-vloume productions


Quick Changeover

Easy to quickly adapt to unpredictable changes and minimize idle time


No Code

Reprogram without any coding in just matter of minutes


Grinding & Deburring

Higher precision, no complex programming. Teach your robot how to grind complex parts without difficult coding.

Sanding & Polishing

More accurate finishing to parts with sharp edges creating smooth and rounding contouring. Easily done with CraftMate Software.


End – of -line production set up. Optimize your Palletizing process by remotely teaching and controlling the robot.


Achieve accurate positioning by teaching and recording x, y, z robot coordinates.


Trajectory path for robots are often challenging, with the MIMIC Kit and 3D camera teaching robots can be accomplished in few minutes.

Our technology

Robot precision meets human flexibility

Vision Technology

Our 3D vision technology enables robots to see and as a result change behavior based on visual observations.

Force Sense Technology

Sense technology makes it possible for robots to react on pressure and adapt to changing circumstances.

Mimic Technology

The MIMIC technology enables users to recreate complex human movement without the need for any programming.

AI Technology

With AI we teach a system to recognize patterns. An operation normally restricted to a human workforce.

Our Components

Our assortment of innovative robot components are specially developed to meet the high requirements of applications identified through our work and collaborations.

Our Cases

See how we solved our clients’ problems.

MIMIC Increase Productivity At Amphenol With 70%

Application: Polishing

Automation Increase Quality Ratio At Amphenol With 50%

Application: Polishing

Nordbo Kept Production Going During COVID-19 At Hesheng

Application: Polishing

A Step Towards A Sustainable Flight At ITP Aero

Application: Polishing

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