Gislev Wood's automation with an Open System

Make sanding interesting

Sanding is a time-consuming process and sometimes can be tedious for the workers. For businesses in the manufacturing industry though it is an essential procedure. The good news is that cobots can carry out this process entirely. The only responsibility that craftsmen will have will be to give the right guidelines to the robot, to program it, in order to automate the sanding operation, streamlining the manufacturing process.

However, when it comes to automated processes and robotics, people are scared.

The reason?

They believe, they lack the programming skills necessary to fully automate the process.  Programming sometimes can be very annoying and demanding. This is why we suggest a Nordbo Open System as the solution to this issue. No-Code programming requires no prior knowledge. The only thing that is needed is to train the robot so that it flawlessly replicates your movements.

The Case

We visited Gislev Wood Factory and implemented a new sanding case into practice. It is a Danish family company that produces the Shoemaker Chair and other parts for furniture. They have been working in the wooden furniture sector since 1913. Now the company is run by the third generation of the family. Their daily routine includes sanding and they spend many hours on it.

What did we deliver to them?

Our goal was to show them how they can master their sanding procedures. To do that we integrated a Nordbo Open System in conjunction with Flex Trim. Sometimes when it comes to sanding there are technical challenges even for human workers. However, this combination produced the most effective outcomes. It’s important to mention that the automatic sanding procedure produces flawlessly finished and smooth pieces. Thus, the era in which robots can perform at least as well as humans has arrived.

Opportunity Cost

Another benefit was the valuable production time that they could conserve and apply to various aspects of manufacturing. So they can actually be more efficient and accomplish their main tasks faster. Especially with Nordbo Open System the craftsmen can save more energy and time. They do not spend time learning new skills about robots and they have the same results as before, or sometimes even better.

At Nordbo Robotics we know that sanding is a boring and time-consuming procedure, which every worker would prefer to avoid. And for us, every employee deserves a more comfortable day at work. So, if you share our sentiments, just get in touch.

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