Mimic Training Kit gives students hands-on experience in no-code robotics

For users who have never worked with robots before, there is a lot to learn and it can quickly become overwhelming. To make this easier, we designed a training program that walks users through different exercises including a variety of features that later will help them solve automation challenges in a variety of surface processing areas 💡

Our talented interns, Paula Barci and Miriam Krebs, have been hard at work creating our Mimic Training Kit for educational institutions. This incredible package includes downloadable guides and 3D models, making it easy for teachers and students to get started immediately.

From beginner to advanced

With three different levels, Mimic Training Kit is perfect for students of all experience levels. It includes a range of fitting features and shapes and even comes with cards that help students learn more about different functionalities. These cards introduce concepts at the right time, ensuring that students understand when to track, tune, or play, and even show them how to combine different things to learn different use cases.

During the development process, Paula, who had no experience in robotics before, learned how to make the project visually as clear as possible. She worked on the design and 3D shapes, and how to connect everything together. Meanwhile, Miriam found the project fun and exciting, enjoying the opportunity to provide students with hands-on experience with technology. She focused on the training structure and the learning experience.

Mimic Training Kit for educational institutions

Mimic Training Kit was developed with the purpose of helping future robot operators learn no-code robotics using the Mimic software platform, which enables automation of surface processing in a variety of applications such as sanding, grinding, polishing, and deburring.

Mimic Training Kit includes:
  • Teacher’s guide
  • Guides for students on three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • 30 training cards
  • 3D print files of training objects (edgy and organic shapes)

Read more about our Mimic Training Kit for educational institutions and download the materials here.

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