Nordbo Complete Systems

Through a close partnership with our OEM partners at Amphenol Nordbo Robotics is able to design and deliver complete systems that are tailor made to your company’s automation goals.

Our collaboration starts with a Front End Engineering Design process where we work together with our clients to detail exactly what the system needs to accomplish.

The delivery of these systems includes on site set up and training to ensure that your company will be able to maximise the results of your newly automated process.

Nordbo Complete Systems with Mimic

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Nordbo Finishing System

Our enclosed surface processing systems are designed to handle your polishing and buffing applications. Options include tool in hand as well as part in hand designs.

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Nordbo Grinding System

These enclosed cells are specifically designed to achieve high precision in grinding and deburring applications.

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Nordbo Open Plan System

These systems are excellent for a wide variety of tasks that don’t necessarily require containment. Working with trusted tool partners like Flex-Trim and Wagner we can deliver systems that cover a wide variety of surface treatment applications.

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How does it work?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, Mimic is the perfect tool for anyone looking to streamline their processes and save time. So why wait? Start using Mimic today and take your automation to the next level.


Different ways to program your Mimic

Although Mimic differentiates itself by allowing users to record their own human movements it’s important to recognise that it’s not the only way to program your Mimic enabled robot. Sometimes robotic movement is the best way to complete the task, which is why you are able to mix and match a variety of different programming methods into a single process. Mimic allows users to include:
– Point to Point
– Path generation
– Teach by demonstration

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Speed up your automation processes by transferring your movements directly to the  robot.

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Supports high-precision processes
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Supports solution add-ons
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No prior programming skills needed
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User-friendly joysticks designed to support the software
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Teach new programs within minutes
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Translate your skills to robotic movements





Spray Painting


See customer cases

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Powder Coating at Brandt

Case describing how G.A. Hansen helped Brandt Industrilakering to automate their powder coating process with the help of Nordbo robotics Mimic

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