Bone Interieurwerken's Mimic Integration

Everyone can program a robot

Exactly. At Nordbo Robotics we can ensure you that everyone can record and automate tasks with no prior programming experience. You simply use the Mimic platform to record, transfer, and replicate your own movements. No-Code programming has many benefits that make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to develop their business.


  1. It’s easy to learn: Mimic platform is designed to be accessible to people with no programming experience. This means that anyone can learn how to program a robot, regardless of their background or technical expertise.
  2. It’s automated and efficient: It is possible to automate complex tool paths that are too difficult and time-consuming to program with traditional point-to-point programming. So actually transfers a craftsman’s savoir-faire to a robot, while it preserves a handmade finish in automated tasks.
  3. It’s cost-effective: As we said with Mimic you can program your cobot faster, so it can save you a lot of time compared to traditional coding. A time that your employees can be focused on more important tasks. There are specific cases where the productivity of the company increased by 70%.

This is why Bone Interieurwerken trusted Mimic

Bone Interieurwerken is a firm that specializes in the production of unique furniture and interior design in the Netherlands and abroad. For their production, they already use UR Cobots, and lately, they started using our Mimic platform for programming them.

As they said most processes, like sanding and milling, are monotonous, but Mimic can make them more consistent while also making them more convenient and pleasurable for workers. In other words, the working conditions have improved and the employees can actually devote their attention to more vital responsibilities. Another critical element for Bone Interieurwerken was that their employees did not need coding knowledge to use Mimic. Cobots can replicate employees’ movements by using Mimic technology.

You can customize Mimic

Being highly customizable is one of the advantages of the Mimic platform. You can generate your own model and plug it in. We encourage all of our customers to create their own 3D-printed accessories. The reason is that you can maximize the outcomes, because it is incredibly helpful, particularly if your operations are more involved and you require specialized equipment. Bone Interieurwerken actually did it. They created the tools that they need, and now they have more precise results.

We did this case with our great partner Jerry Kosters from Jerry Kosters Machine Service. They are a distribution company and they sell Mimic as well. When we asked Jerry why he suggests Mimic to his clients, he said:

“My favorite robotic tool is Nordbo Mimic because it’s easy to use”

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