It is very important to remove burrs as they compromise the quality of the finished product. The most common method of deburring is currently manual. When deburring manually, a craftsman uses simple tools to remove the burrs by hand. This is a very time-consuming process and affects both productivity and efficiency negatively.

Our Mimic FT have been deployed in various cases of edge radiusing & cleaning of small burrs.

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Deburring with Mimic FT

Mimic with FT tracker (compatible with cobots only) helps workers translate the manual deburring process know-how into a robotic program.

The FT joystick mounted on a robot directly brings the worker closer to the tool and as a result gives more audio, tactile and visual feedback.

Automate deburring of both flat and organic shape items, and assure consistent tool speed, position, and angle with the built-in Mimic features. Reduce the amount of materials wasted due to human error.

The crucial end of arm tools

While Mimic will cater for your movements, we work closely with trusted tool partners on different end of arm tools for the cobots.

Among others, we often work with the material removal tools from Schunk called the R-Emendo series for deburring assignments. Spindles and abrasives from 3M, Pherd and VSM are often used in combination with the Schunk R-Emendo tools.

Learn more about Mimic FT with Schunk R-Emendo tools 

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Challenges when automating deburring

Some deburring applications demand special tools, which robotics industry does not offer yet – or unique features that Mimic is not equipped with yet, therefore Mimic for deburring is case dependant.

We are looking forward to learning more about your deburring case.

Transfer your movements to a robot and automate deburring

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Fast and smooth force control
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Easy import of different tools
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Freely define path spacing and contact angle according to tool selection
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Selectable feed rate

Supported Robots

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