Nordbo Robotics launches Mimic Sander – an easy-to-use robotic sanding solution for automating finishing applications
Say hello to Mimic Sander
Achieve professional surface finishing results effortlessly with Mimic Sander, an all-in-one solution designed to cater to a range of automated surface finishing needs. Whether you are sanding, polishing, or cleaning, this comprehensive sanding solution has got you covered. Plus, with everything you need to begin your project right away.
Mimic Sander is made with our users in mind

Sanding is often dirty and dangerous work that carries a range of potential health risks for workers, from the debilitating white-finger syndrome caused by high-vibration hand tools to lung damage caused by particulate matter.

It has been our mission to help surface finishers automate these dangerous jobs. Drawing on our extensive user research we created Mimic Sander to be a complete setup for them that enables control of the tool, position, speed and applied force without any programming skills.

The complete Mimic Sander package incorporates everything users need to get their sanding application started quickly and easily: a plug-and-play sanding solution and intuitive software.

This enables the users with the actual processing know-how to take control of their production processes, reducing their reliance on skilled professionals. Visual, audio, and tactile control is provided to ensure that the operator is in control at all times, even when working with complex shapes.

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The Mimic Sander is particularly useful in high-mix production setups where a variety of different products are produced in small quantities. In such environments, the number of raw materials wasted due to human error can be significant. Inconsistently performed sanding and marks left from the tool can lead to rejects and rework, which is costly and time-consuming. By using the Mimic Sander, workers can ensure that the sanding process is consistent, reducing the number of raw materials wasted.

“Nordbo Robotics is committed to providing businesses with affordable, application-centered solutions that are easy to set up and maintain. Mimic Sander is a versatile sanding solution that provides all the features and benefits our customers expect of automated sanding technology, but without all the hassle and cost traditionally associated with automated sanding tools,” says Jimmy Jørgensen, CTO of Nordbo Robotics.

What is included in Mimic Sander?

Mimic Sander consists of tailored Mimic software with an easy-to-use user interface and the Mimic Sander handles made specifically for sanding applications. Together with our partners, we also provide our recommendations on the full system, table, tool unit, and abrasive changer for you to build a complete setup that fits your production.

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Why choose Mimic Sander?

✔ Get the sanding job done and take control over the tool, position, speed, and applied force

✔ Ensure the right outcome with visual, audio, and tactile control

✔ Build personalized sanding programs that consist of many different recordings

✔ Automate dangerous jobs and improve employee conditions

✔ Reduce the amount of wasted materials

✔ Scale up your production with consistent output

How to get started?

Our current delivery time for Mimic Sander is 6 weeks. Contact our solution experts and get started!

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