Mimic Platform

Power tool for craftsmen

Mimic Platform, Mimic Kit, Technology, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

1. Teach

Guide your robot in realtime or record your movement using the Mimic joystick. Gain full control of your robot in an intuitive way.

Mimic Platform, Mimic Kit, Technology, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

2. Tune

Preview and optimize the recorded movements by modifying speed, orientation and path.

Mimic Kit, Mimic Platform, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

3. Play

Start processing and let your robot do the hard work.

Capture and recreate exact movements

Mimic is a position sensing technology-centric platform for a wide range of applications: from a point teaching for inspections or pick & place applications to highly complex and smooth robot movements for painting and dispensing.

This technology is a framework for programming by demonstration. It is a powerful tool for craftsmen who work with tasks such as grinding, buffing, and painting, which are too difficult to program in a traditional way.

Simply guide your robot in real-time using the teleoperation function to the desired positions and orientations using the Mimic joystick, record movements and save positions by pressing a single button.

Mimic makes your programming experience feel like a game, easy and intuitive to control, and fun to work with.

Mimic application examples

For applications like painting and dispensing, precise robot trajectories/movements are essential for a qualified process result. With Mimic, organic hand movements are now possible to program simply by demonstration from a craftsman in the workshop.

Equipped with the Mimic kit, an experienced painter with no programming knowledge can now guide the robot in the realtime and perform the craft that the painter masters.

Using the programmable buttons on the joystick, the user can start and stop the painting gun when needed on the trajectory. Every small detail, such as wrist movement, will be registered and recorded. These details define the skills of a craftsman and to this day it has been impossible to program by hand using a traditional offline programming environment.

Besides the record function, Mimic also provide an intuitive interface to “tune”/optimize the recorded path in order to achieve the ultimate final result. The user can adjust every step or section of the program in replay mode, force a constant velocity, lock the entire movement to a fixed plane, and much more.

Jimmy Alison Jørgensen, CTO, Co-founder, Nordbo Robotics

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Jimmy Jørgensen, CTO & Co-founder​