Automatica 2023

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Meet Nordbo Robotics at the leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics.Meet Nordbo Robotics at the leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics.

Come and meet us at Automatica 2023

Meet Nordbo Robotics at the leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics at Odense Robotics’ booth B4.508.

At the event, we will be showcasing:

  • Mimic Sander with Mirka tools
  • CoboCoat built on Mimic for spray painting
  • CraftMate platform with Nachi

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Experience a Trilogy of special events at our booth at Automatica! 🦾

We can’t wait to give you an insider’s look into our solutions at the deep dives we’re hosting at this year’s Automatica! Beyond our usual friendly chats and hands-on demos at our booth, these special events will spotlight the unique abilities of our solutions, and we’ll share experiences on how to implement them, and how we work with everyone involved.  

💥 Automate Your Complex Spray Painting and Coating Tasks – Just By Showing The Robot How To Do It
We will show a complete Mimic system setup for powder coating. The shown setup has been designed and integrated by our solution partner SE Automation. We will share mutual insights and experiences on implementing Mimic for surface treatment – and reveal what’s around the corner in terms of new capabilities and compatibilities.

🗓️ June 28th, 2pm

💥Automate Processing Of Unique Pieces, High Mix/Low Volume Series and Odd Sizes Through 3D Scans

Simply scan and choose the desired path on the paired screen, and then you’re ready to automate your surface finishing processes using our CraftMate platform. Coupled with our Active Compensation Unit, this solution offers superb precision and guarantees a consistently applied force, no matter the complexity of the surface.

🗓️ June 29th, 11am

💥Short on qualified hands for sanding and grinding? – replicate your best worker’s skills to a robot

We are looking forward to sharing our latest edition to the Mimic family. The Mimic Sander. Mimic Sander is based on our Mimic software, but also includes more features especially needed when sanding – as well as an even more simple and accessible user interface.

🗓️ June 29th, 3pm

Catch us at our booth B4.508 at Automatica. You’ll get to try out our platforms firsthand and learn how the technologies can be integrated into different applications and workspaces. 🤖

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