Tool Changer


Make your cobot flexible, efficient, and productive with a magnetic tool changer!


Increase Productivity

Change tool automatically and reduce changeover time between operations

Quick Installation

Mount the tool changer on the robot, teach the tool positions and you are good to go

No air required

No need for regulators, valves and tubes. Simply connect directly to the tool flange I/O

Introduction to the
NTC-E10 Tool Changer

The NTC-E10 is a precise and reliable magnetic tool changer with an optional I/O coupling module. The patented design uses electromagnetism which discards the need for pneumatic equipment.

I/O Connector Available

The NTC-E10 can be further supplied with I/O
connectors which enables tool-changing between
electrical grippers and tools.


The NTC-E10 is equipped with features that makes it suitable for a wide variety
of applications.

This Solution is compatible with

Complementary software has been developed for the following robot manufacturers

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Tool Changer

Why use a tool changer?
A tool changer is a coupling device that makes it possible for a robot to easily change between different tools. The product consists of a clamping mechanism mounted on the robot, and several tool flanges mounted on different tools. It enables the robot to perform several tasks as different tools can easily be replaced when needed.

Manual or automatic
There are several types of tool changers, both manual and automatic, and choosing the right one depends on the specific application. An automatic tool changer allows users to program the robot to automatically change tools without human interference. A manual tool changer however needs an operator to change the tools while the robot is stopped – a process that is more time consuming and interrupts its operation. The NTC-E10 magnetic tool changer can replace tools in seconds and is ideal for applications where pneumatics is not desired, or in applications demanding high repeatable precision.

Minimize idle time
An automatic tool changer enables maximum utilization of robots by quickly switching between multiple tools. Thereby, companies can program one robot to perform multiple tasks, improving the return of investment. It further minimizes idle time by allowing a seamless transition between different tools in operation.