Upgrade your cobot with Mimic Kit
Upgrade your cobot with Mimic Kit
Upgrade your cobot with Nordbo Mimic Kit
From Chile to Japan; Finland to the United States: on May 25th, 2021, participants from 13 different countries joined us in the webinar “Upgrade Your Cobot with Mimic Kit”, as we took a deep dive into how Nordbo Robotics’ Mimic software platform works as a power tool for craftsmen in the various industries of surface treatment.

Through a number of actual cases in collaborations with companies such as Mouritsen and Böll-Tec, the webinar showcased how Mimic is a valuable addition when sanding wooden furniture and toys, deburring a cast iron surface, dispensing grease onto an automotive part, reducing waste when spray painting, grinding a surface to apply texture, and functioning as 3D print support removal.

Mimic: a tool for skilled craftsmen

Mimic is a flexible software solution used for surface treatment and quality inspection. This no-code technology is easy to learn and simple to use in just three steps: Teach – Tune – Play. While a craftsman focuses on a workpiece, Mimic replicates the exact movements in a dual workspace teaching, ensuring consistency and uniformity. In practice, this generates an abundance of advantages: improved working conditions for the manual laborer, increased efficiency due to a consistent and steady production line, and a decline in errors and thus a decline in excess scrap providing a more sustainable approach, just to name  some of the advantages.

Human skills and machine precision

The Mimic Kit is designed  to enable integration with surface treatment applications, whether it be grinding, sanding or spray painting. The receiver from the Joystick can be attached to any of the craftsman’s tools, which allows you to capture workers’ skills and transfer them to the robot. This has not been possible before with the traditional programming methods within many surface treatment applications. By doing so, we combine and build on the best of both worlds: the creativity and know-how of a craftsman with the consistency and tirelessness of robotics.

Upgrade your cobot with Nordbo Mimic Kit

627cb6e460fcbb5eb5e87dc9 Screen Shot 2021 05 07 at 11.40.14 scaledThe webinar confirmed that No Code robotics is wanted and needed. Other than the participants being from many different nationalities, they represented a wide variety of industries: educational institutes, all levels of manufactures, logistics, automotive, pharmaceutical, food industries and many more. We were humbled and proud to witness the increased interest in our software platforms and components, both locally in Scandinavia and across wide borders as well. There is no doubt that our technology holds vast and versatile possibilities, matching our why: we want to create better jobs.

Once again, thanks  to all who joined the webinar. Hoping you felt inspired or at least well informed about the latest of no code surface treatment technologies. Looking forward to seeing you again for our next webinar. Follow us online to receive our updates and invitations.

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