Mimic Industrial: a ground-breaking invention for industrial robots
At automatica – the leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics – we launched the newest version of our software platform Mimic, Mimic Industrial.

Mimic has so far been reserved for collaborative robots, cobots, but we have expanded the solution to include industrial robots as well. Initially, Mimic Industrial supports Nachi robots, but the plan is to support other leading robot brands such as Kuka and Fanuc. We have expanded Mimic to industrial robots as we believe that these should be as easy to use as cobots:

“The market has received our Mimic platform incredibly well, and we believe that now is the time to expand the platform to industrial robots as well. We see a huge potential in terms of making industrial robots much easier to use for the man on the factory floor”

Leo Zhou, CEO and co-founder of Nordbo Robotics.

The use of industrial robots is often associated with heavy programming, but Mimic distinguishes itself by being a No Code technology, where the production worker via a joystick demonstrates his movements thereby showing the robot what to do. In this way, it becomes faster to convert the robot to different work tasks.

Best quarter so far

The launch of the new platform comes after our best quarter ever, and we are turning up our sales activities further in autumn:

With the launch of Mimic for industrial robots, we are taking the first step towards democratizing and spreading the use of No Code robots. In the future, robots will to a much greater extent be able to be trained directly on the factory floor instead of being programmed on a computer

Jimmy Jørgensen, CTO and co-founder of Nordbo Robotics.

The lack of skilled workers

In traditional craft-heavy disciplines, it is difficult to obtain skilled workers. According to a 2021 study by Deloitte, there will be 2.1 million vacancies in the United States alone by 2030, if development continues.

Also in China, the shortage of labor is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. At Apple’s subcontractor Amphenol, our software is used to automate a number of polishing processes.

All over the world, the industry is screaming for labor. In all modesty, we believe that we have developed a technology that can help solve many of the challenges facing the industry – including the lack of manpower and the importance of creating good, healthy jobs for all

Leo Zhou, CEO and co-founder of Nordbo Robotics.

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