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The Mimic platform provides a wide range of benefits for users, but one of the most notable is its versatility and customization options. Users can easily generate their own 3D models and integrate them into the Mimic platform to create a tailored solution for their operations. This is especially useful for those who have specialized equipment or more complex processes, as it allows for more precise results.

We are always looking for ways to improve the Mimic experience for our customers and partners. For this reason at Nordbo Robotics, we started printing our own 3D accessories for Mimic, so we can give inspiration to workers and show them that they can optimize the results that they get. After many cases that we have made, we know that sometimes it is really important to be able to customize your Mimic so that the robot follows your movements more precisely. We’ve been very proud of this initiative and we decided to share our 3D models with the world. In this library, you’ll find a collection of 3D models that have been created by us. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own projects, or you just want to see what’s possible with Mimic, our GrabCAD library is the perfect place to start.



So why not take a look and see what you can find?

In this library, you can find The NRS-6XXX-D80 UR Bundle which allows an easy installation of the 80mm Force Torque sensor on any UR robot model. With this setup, you can use any Cobot ISO standard compatible tool with the FT sensor for precise control in any application. Another example is The “Fake Spray Gun”. This kit allows users to quickly start using Mimic for creating programs related to painting. The included “Fake Spray Gun” demonstrates how the OEM Mount can be integrated into a 3D print, enabling system integrators and end-users to create specialized tooling for their specific needs. Of course, there are more models, that you can check and inspire yourself. Just click GrabCAD and you are there!


They already did it!

Many of our partners have added their own 3D tools to their Mimic customizations, and some of them have even created original 3D models for Mimic. For instance, Bone Interieurwerken did this by making their own tools, which led to more accurate outcomes. The reason for doing this is to get the best possible results, especially if your work is complex and requires specialized tools. We’re confident that you’ll be inspired, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with using Mimic.

Happy exploring!

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