BIND 4.0 Acceleration Program with ITP Aero
BIND 4.0 Acceleration Program with ITP Aero
BIND 4.0 Acceleration Program with ITP Aero
Since January 2020 we have worked closely with our partner ITP Aero on optimizing their post processing activities on additive manufactured parts to secure a consistent finish for optimal aerodynamics. On the 3rd of July 2020 during the BIND 4.0 Demo Day we presented our progress together with ITP Aero and they said: “it is another step forward to a sustainable flight”.
The BIND 4.0 Acceleration Program

BIND 4.0 is an acceleration program aimed at startups with tech products or services with applications in Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Energy, Health Tech and Food Tech fields. It is a public-private initiative that promotes the development of promising industry 4.0 startups through training, mentorship, and connections to the main industrial players in the Basque Country. The program includes a project performed in collaboration between the startup and one of the industrial players.

Our project with ITP Aero

ITP Aero is a world leading company in the aeronautical and industrial engines market, involved in all phases of the product life cycle from the design phase to support and maintenance. In its thirty-year history, ITP Aero has established itself as the ninth largest aeronautical engine and components company in the world. Today, more than half of all double-aisle aircraft in service are equipped with an ITP Aero product.

ITP Aero has designed and is currently producing its first internally manufactured components with additive technology. It is estimated that the proprietary design criteria used by ITP Aero will result in a component weight reduction of up to 40% and significant cost savings.

The actual 3D printing of a product is only a part of the comprehensive additive manufacturing process from design to finished product. One step in the chain is post-processing which in the case of ITP Aero is needed to get the smooth and consistent finish desired for optimal aerodynamics.

However, the fact that ITP Aero perform all their manufacturing processes manually pose the following challenges:

  • High amount of surface testing after post-processing due to low repeatability
  • High risk on scrapping materials caused by faulty processing
  • Harsh workplace ergonomics

Therefore, ITP Aero was searching for a flexible and automatic grinding system with the ability to process multiple additive produced parts, as well as a system that could be operated by their current post-processing employees.

Nordbo Robotics’ CraftMate software is the perfect solution. By using two “teach methods” developed by Nordbo ITP Aero will be able to configure the grinding path on different parts within minutes:

  1. AutoPath: Automatic path generation on a 3D image that is obtained by a 3D camera
  2. P2P: Configure the robot path by teaching waypoints with the teach pendant of the robot

Combined with an improved force control and application settings ITP Aero can:

  • Increase repeatability of post-processing by using robot precision
  • Decrease scrapped materials caused by faulty processing
  • Improve workplace ergonomics and safety within post-processing department
  • Enhance their workforce by enabling them to configure and operate the robot system on current as well as future products
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Demo day

The BIND 4.0 Virtual Demo Day is an online event which celebrates the Industry 4.0 Projects executed during the 4th edition of our innovative Basque acceleration program. In addition, the format offers startups from around the globe to connect virtually with key players in the industry and get a closer look at the technologies they are investing in as we accelerate innovation in the industry together.
The 38 outstanding startups participating in the 4th edition of the BIND 4.0 Acceleration Program will present their solutions to industry investors and potential new clients from corporates attending.

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