Automating powder coating touch ups with Mimic

3N Lakering is an industrial powder coating company located in the Northern part of Denmark’s Jutland peninsula. They offer complete solutions for businesses that require their products to be powder coated as a part of their process.

Powder coating is often the final step in the production process so the importance of the consistency in 3N’s process can not be underestimated.  Automating this task has been a priority as the equipment needed for their technicians to work with this material is cumbersome and uncomfortable. 

One of the largest challenges that was faced by automating 3N’s powder coating process was the sheer variety of products that they need to treat. Although much of the process could be handled by a specially designed spraying cabin that products move through on a conveyor system. Even with this system the process required a human operator to handle touch ups to ensure that the products received an even coating.

Through their partnership with Danish system integration company G.A.Hansen 3N was introduced to Nordbo Robotics technology. Our Mimic solution was exactly what was needed to allow 3N the ability to automate the touch ups. Previously it was impractical to program these movements into a robot as the natural organic movements would require hours or even days to program correctly.  With Mimic technology the skilled technicians could  simply demonstrate the movements needed for an individual product, which allowed the robot to simply mimic the process and repeat it as many times as necessary for the batch.

Nordbo Robotics technology is based on utilising the process skills that are already available within companies like 3N. We place high value on this experience and recognise that when it comes to processes like powder coating the human element shouldn’t be removed completely. Mimic allows the skill of these technicians to be utilised in a way that keeps them from needing to undertake uncomfortable and repetitive tasks. 


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