Sanding is a process of smoothing a surface by abrasion with sandpaper. The focus is on improving the surface without changing the basic shape or dimension of the workpiece.

Random-orbit sanders make the process easier, and with the right technique, more consistent. They operate most efficiently when only the weight of the sander bears on the workpiece. Applying excessive pressure not only slows the rotation of the pad (and thus, the sanding process) but can also cause swirl marks or elliptical thumbnail-scratch patterns.

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Challenges within the application

Force control and feed speed are essential to achieve the wanted finish, which is technically difficult for human workers.

Process knowledge is essential: use of abrasive, steps of the process, quality inspection in between and at the end of the job.

Suggestion for solution bundles alongside our software that is tested within sanding

CraftMate is a great solution, especially for sanding of large surfaces within, for example, automotive and aviation industries because it supports 7th axis and multi-view stitching. 

Depending on your application needs, we can suggest different combinations with CraftMate Platform and a variety of components.

For example, for faster response, when sanding complex surfaces, we suggest combining CraftMate Platform with an Active Compensation Unit. For plain and simple surface curvature, a Force Torque Sensor with passive compensation would serve the purpose. Depending on how complex, curvy and reflective the surface is that needs grinding, there are different cameras available.

These components are tested and validated within sanding application.

Tool examples

Sanding tools that are compatible with CraftMate platform

Surface Treatment - Sanding - Tool - Nordbo Robotics
Applications - Sanding - CraftMate Platform - Tool - Nordbo Robotics
Surface Treatment - Sanding - Tool - Nordbo Robotics

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Large surface sanding (car repair and finishing)

Weld seam removal

Application-related features:

  • Multi view stitching for big surface sanding 
  • 7th axis support for big surface sanding
  • Highly responsive and precise force control for rounding edges (especially using NAC)
  • Edge detection for weld seam removal 
  • Free adjustable path patterns according to application tool needs 
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Sabina Kethelz, Director of Business Development, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

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