QC Platform

A powerful vision-based software for quality control

QC, AI, Quality control, Artificial Intelligence, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

1. Setup Zero

An easy setup that allows experimenting with light/camera settings to find the best capture.

QC, AI, Quality control, Artificial Intelligence, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

2. Phoenix

Teach the AI to classify, detect, segment, and differentiate between acceptable and faulty pieces.

QC, AI, Quality control, Artificial Intelligence, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

3. Hawk

Integrates Phoenix models into your production line. Evaluate, finetune and execute.

No Code software for quality control

QC Platform is a powerful software solution made for quality inspection.

Ensuring precision and consistency, QC Platform enables quality inspection and control in production lines. It is able to detect production errors such as cracks and dents as well as the number, size, presence, and placement of parts, for example, soldering points and wires.

QC is a stable and reliable software platform that continuously improves and becomes more powerful as you add more data from the production. It drastically reduces missed or false detections of defects, regardless of the complexity of objects being inspected. Also, because of its fast prototype verification, the time spent on integration and deployment decreases significantly.

Current issues with manual quality control


Today, to a large extent, quality inspection and control is performed manually. Consequently, this leads to a variety of issues.

First and foremost, it is difficult to recruit, train, and keep qualified employees. Due to the importance of consistency and accuracy, the training period of new employees is costly and time-consuming. Also, since the job is of repetitive nature, manual laborers are prone to becoming fatigued and thus accept faulty workpieces by mistake.

Additionally, for human laborers, it can be difficult to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable, as a result, pieces are wrongfully accepted for further processing, which increases scrap rates, making it difficult to plan resources, and comprises the final product.

Quality control automated: How it works


The QC Platform consists of three sections: Setup Zero, Phoenix, and Hawk. 

  • Setup Zero is the initial setup phase. Here, you introduce your workspace and gather information regarding e.g., lighting, angles, camera lenses, etc. These practicalities make up a necessary underlying data set.
  • Phoenix is the next step, where you teach your AI to detect, classify, and segment. This creates a model that distinguishes between acceptable and unacceptable workpieces, respectively.
  • The final stage, Hawk, is where you execute. Here, you import and apply the model to your in-house hardware. Additionally, it collects and evaluates data, making it possible for you to finetune the application process.

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The benefits of automating with QC Platform

One platform

The QC Platform is a single solution that enables and manages a complete workflow from AI training to runtime system.


Manage your QC projects and adjust thresholds on the fly to accommodate production changes.

Increased repeatability

Robots work tirelessly while maintaining high precision and accuracy, ensuring a consistent production line.

Decrease in scraps and unnecessary costs

Having to redo a finished product because a flaw was not detected in time is both costly and time-consuming

Improved productivity and throughput

Faster feedback cycle, reduced resource consumption, less product waste, and better insights are all benefits of implementing QC Platform in your production line.

Increased coverage

Check more products with less resources and increase the detection of more complex error types.

QC application examples

Quality inspection of small electronic parts

Weld seam detection and quality inspection

Leo Zhou, CEO, Co-founder, Nordbo Robotics

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