No Code software platforms

Nordbo Robotics software platforms are technology-centric software packages that consist of three main technologies, which we use either as a standalone solution or in combinations to solve our clients’ requests and challenges.

Position sensing based path generation and controlled movement

3D vision based path generation and controlled movement

AI and Deep Learning


A technology-centric software package

The platform is the main element that connects Nordbo application software and the components. Each platform (Mimic, CraftMate and QC ) can be viewed as a toolbox that contains all necessary tools to solve a problem with a given technology.
Software Platforms - CraftMate - Nordbo Robotics
Illustration showing the distinction between the base of CraftMate Platform and its application modules
The base of a platform mainly consists of a basic software interface and modules:
  • Drivers for any hardware whether it is a Nordbo component or a 3rd party device (robots, sensors, tool units, etc.).
  • Standard user interface for basic parameter settings, recipe handling, alarms and errors handling.
  • Tools/TCP settings and standard calibration routines.
  • Basic functionality across applications, such as path generation, robot control and teach methods.
  • Communication/handshake interface to peripheries equipment’s, such as PLCs that controls light tower, push buttons, air pressure, etc.
  • Interfaces to application-specific software modules.

Application modules

Each software platform can have a number of application modules assigned to them. An application module is an add-on to a platform and defines a specific solution to a specific application area. For example, sanding within large surface finishing, or sanding within weld seam removal at edges.
Each application module contains application-specific:
  • Process parameters, such as spray width, plan lock during teaching for painting applications.
  • Functions, user interface and teach methods that build on top of a platform to be more application-oriented.
  • Tool settings, such as tool angle and abrasive wear calculation for signaling a change.
  • Customer-specific requests.

How we work

We closely collaborate with our partners in order to provide the best solutions for the end-users

At Nordbo Robotics we don’t talk about suppliers/sub-suppliers, we think in terms of the best solutions for our end-users. We understand that in order to deliver the best fit solution we must collaborate closely with our partners through the entire process, from initial consulting to the final onsite integration.

In order to solve many of the automation-related challenges in the surface finishing domain, hardware (end-of-arm tool, compensation units, sensors) and strong software control are essential.
Even though many of the companies operating in this domain are very specialized (for example, in force sensing or compensation units design and development), however, programs that control the robots are still developed by engineers, who possess neither process know-how nor floor experience. This results in a drawback for the end users due to the detachment of craftsmen and the process.
Software Platforms - Service & Maintenance - Nordbo Robotics

We thrive to provide our clients with reliable and solid components that are tailor-made for harsh environment applications; 

Software that can be seamlessly integrated with hardware from day one; 

Solutions that are process- and client-specific, developed with floor workers/craftsmen’s involvement and commitment.

Therefore we highly focus on developing strong and intelligent software platforms that are tightly integrated and well-tested with all our components.
With input from our partners and end users, we continuously develop a customized and intuitive interface and overall user experience. And finally, through our Nordbo Academy, together with many of our application partners within segments such as tools and abrasive manufactures, we assure an ongoing process know-how sharing and consulting.
Sabina Kethelz, Director of Business Development, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

Reach out to hear more about our technologies and potential possibilities for collaborations.