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Nordbo palletizing software

Nordbo Robotics offer a flexible and efficient palletizing software that optimize your end-of-line production set-up. The software enhance your workforce by given them full control of the process. All functionalities needed for your cobot palletizer.



Create new patterns in minutes using the online PackLab

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User friendly

No robot programming experience needed to operate the PackMate!


Easy setup

The palletizer is easily deployed. Move your palletizer around based on your needs.

Your bundle solution

Would you like to automate your Palletizing applications? Take advantage of our most advised solutions.

  • PackMate
  • Force Torque Sensor

Cobot palletizing is a great choice to optimize productivity, improve working ergonomics and reduce operational costs together with a reduced footprint. By using Nordbo Robotics’ Cobot palletizing software the operator has full control of the progress by adding a software layer. This provides feedback of the progress and allows reconfiguration of the end-of-line palletizing setup within minutes.

Create Your Own Pattern

The online pallet pattern generator PackLab is free to use and it only requires to create
a user account. To enable the use of pattern files, you purchase a license key and
activate the extension through a few easy steps.

Cobot extension

The Cobot Extension, also known as URCap for Universal robots, is installed on the teach pendant of the robot. This gives the operator an intuitive user interface without the necessity of using an extra HMI. The extension shows the operational status of the system and gives the possibility to use pattern files that are generated by the online pallet pattern generator PackLab.

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The online pallet pattern
generator PackLab

PackLab is accessible through multiple devices (Smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC).

The operator can make new patterns by drag and drop any given size of boxes onto the selected pallet. The operator downloads the pattern onto a USB flash drive, which can be inserted into the robot controller and it is ready to execute.


The palletizing software, including operational features such as:

Handling boxes, buckets & bags

Single/double feeding conveyor

Single/double pallet layout

Single/multi product picking

Vertical lift control for extra height

Barcode positioning

Automatic approach optimization

Weight check (optional)

Sheet handling between layers

How does it work?

With Nordbo Robotics’ palletizing software you get a flexible palletizing solution that is easy to use. We made sure the software is both intuitive and adaptable, making it suitable for every onsite situation. The palletizing software is accessible to everyone – even to those without any programming experience.

PackMate, Platform, Software, Palletizer, Cobot Extension, Nordbo Robotics

1. Create a pattern

Open your browser and visit to define the stacking pattern by dragging and dropping boxes onto the pallet.

PackMate, Platform, Software, Palletizer, UR, Nordbo Robotics

2. Start the program

Download the file to a USB flash drive and plug it into the controller of the Cobot. Now you are ready to start palletizing boxes using the pattern you created.

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PackMate Platform

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Available software

We offer a palletizing software compatible with these cobot manufacturers:

PackMate, Platform, Software, Palletizer, UR, URCap, Cobot Extension, Nordbo Robotics


License key for palletizing software compliant with Universal Robots.

PackMate, Platform, Software, Palletizer, NACHI Controller, Cobot Extension, Nordbo Robotics


License key for palletizing software compliant with Nachi Robotics.

PackMate, Platform, Software, AUBO, Palletizer, Nordbo Robotics


License key for palletizing
software compliant with
Aubo Robots.

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