Nordbo Academy

Nordbo Academy — your way of reaching the full potential of working with robotics.

We provide technical know-how, hands-on knowledge, and first-hand insight into how to set up, integrate, and operate our software platforms and components in various automation processes.

What is Nordbo Academy?

Nordbo Academy ensures that you are completely prepared for working with robots equipped with Nordbo Robotics’ software – no matter your previous experience. Here, the complexity of robotics is made accessible and easy to understand.

We provide fully customisable training and tailor-made lessons that meet you where you are. Whether you are a generalist or a specialist, we will tailor your Nordbo Robotics experience to your exact needs.

Our courses and tutorials are designed to give our partners and customers:

  1. First level insight into our software platforms and components and how they are being used in businesses. 
  2. Technical know how of how to set up and integrate our platforms and software into automation processes.
  3. Hands on knowledge of how to integrate our platforms and software into automation processes.


Nordbo Academy offers you free video tutorials, ranging from a general introduction to robotics to the specifics of certain application areas.

Additionally, we offer tailored training and workshops, either on-site, as remote online learning, or at the Nordbo office. Completing your training awards you with a certificate – a token of your recently acquired knowledge and qualifications.

Curious about Nordbo Academy?

Visit our Partner Portal to get more information about Nordbo Academy and get further details about our courses.

Sabina Kethelz, Director of Business Development, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

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