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Mimic using Kuka Robots

The European robotics producer Kuka is known for their innovative designs and large selection of products that can be adapted to almost any application. Based out of Germany, Kuka is a leading global automation corporation that offers their customers a wide variety of intelligent automation solutions. Nordbo Robotics software platforms are 100% compatible with all of Kuka’s robotic products.

Kuka’s commitment to helping companies achieve their automation goals lines up perfectly with Nordbo Robotics and our developers prioritise the compatibility of their existing product line as well as any new systems. Currently Nordbo Robotics software platforms are 100% compatible with all of Kuka’s robotic products.

Any Kuka system integrated with the Nordbo Robotics Mimic software will be able to achieve incredible results as you’ll gain the benefits of Kuka’s precise robot technology together with Mimic’s ability to record human movements. High mix low volume producers in particular will benefit massively from this combination as programming and reprogramming complex tasks has never been easier.

Contact us to hear more about achieving your automation goals with Mimic.

Application Examples

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Sanding with Mimic

Watch how easy it is to achieve perfect sanding with Mimic
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In-depth presentation

A full presentation on how to use Mimic on KUKA
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See a wide variety of real world use cases

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Spray Painting

Mimic Industrial with an in-depth explanation of spray painting