No more programming… 

Copy motions directly to your robots!


Upgrade your robots with a Mimic Kit and let anyone teach the robot how to move!  Perfect for reducing changeover time and in effect, allowing cost-effective automation of small batch productions. 

Mimic Kit, Component, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

Mimic for deburring – 5 min teaching

Checkout how complex robot deburring can be done without writing a single line of code and in just 5 minutes! 

Painting with robots was never this easy!

Painting is notorious for its complex timing and motions, something that becomes playful when adding Mimic to the mix!

Components for robots

Down-time is the ROI killer! 

Reliable components, a must for any application!

Quality end-of-arm components that can handle continuous operation and rough environments are essential for most robot applications. 

Moreover, vibrations will quickly wear down most robots and components if not handled properly. Have a quick chat with our experts and we can advice on how you can best prolong your components lifetime. In other words, SAVE MONEY! 


no-code palletizer software UR

Upgrade your robots today and start palletizing!

Drag-and-drop patterns in any browser and deploy directly to your robots within minutes. As a result, higher income due to increased utilization and throughput and best of all – no-code robotics!

PackMate is supported on several robot brands and can be customized and optimized for your specific setup. However, not keen on building your own palletizer? Our partners can provide proven and safe turn-key solutions at your doorstep. Just give us a call!

Mark the area and let the robot do the work!

Programming was never this easy. Mark the area on a touchscreen and within 20 seconds your robot will start working on the marked surface area. In other words, no-code robotics! 
Checkout how the CraftMate platform can be used in your surface processing projects.
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“At Nordbo Robotics we bridge human skills with robot precision  
 allowing humans to be creative, and robots – repetitive”

Leo Zhou – CEO, Nordbo Robotics

Sabina Kethelz, Director of Business Development, Nordbo Robotics

Reach out to hear more about our technologies and possibilities for collaborations.

Sabina KethelzDirector of Business Development

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