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CraftMate is a no-code robot control software that enables easy programming of robots – for everyone!

Nordbo CraftMate Software

The Craftmate software for grinding prevents challenges such as high changeover time and lack of flexibility in batch manufacturing by eliminating the complex and time-consuming reconfiguration.

Using the Craftmate software enables manufacturing companies to automate and reconfigure the processing of multiple parts without engaging in complex programming.

Your Bundle Solution

Would you like to automate your Grinding and Deburring applicationsTake advantage of our most advised solutions
  • CraftMate Software
  • F/T Sensor
  • 3D CAM
  • Flexible Spindle Mount


Quick Changeover

The CraftMate software prevents challenges such as high changeover time and lack of flexibility in batch manufacturing

Flexible Use

New tools can easily be added by uploading and configuring a CAD file. Expand the use of your system and take on new projects

User Friendly

CraftMate does not require any programming knowledge. The software is designed to be useable for everyone

What we offer

We Offer A Unique And Flexible Software Platform That Is Easily Reconfigured To Process New Parts Using Our Expanding Toolbox Of Sensors And Software

A Flexible Software Program

Compatible with several robot manufacturers

The CraftMate software is a platform that is dedicated to solving AMR (Abrasive Material Removal) related tasks and enables the operator to teach a robot to perform that task with machine precision. The platform is built up of several building blocks, making it possible to use any robot manufacturer, sensor and Nordbo Robotics developed Teach Methods. Together with the Application Plugin the operator has the ability to address the specific task.

A Grinding Plug-In

Easy Installation

The Grinding Plugin for CraftMate provides the operator an intuitive user interface dedicated for the task that he wants to perform. With the AutoPath and P2P teach methods the operator can create a recipe for a specific product that can be repeated when applying a fixture. Using the application specific settings it is possible to perform the grinding task as is requested with the advantages of using robot consistency and durability.


The Craftmate Software For Grinding, Includes Operational Features Such As:

How does it work

CraftMate is a no-code software platform allowing everyone to program robots – even those without any programming experience. all you need to do is follow the simple steps below and watch how easy it is to automate grinding processes.

This Software is compatible with

We Offer A Flexible Grinding Software Compatible With Several Robot Manufacturers, Including Nachi Robotics, Universal Robots And Kuka.

Got A Challenge For CraftMate?

Do you have a specific grinding challenge that could benefit from the CraftMate solutions. Please elaborate your challenge with us and we will come back to you if the CraftMate could provide you the solution.


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We also recommend

Flexible Grinding Software

The Main Goal Of Using Robotics To Perform Grinding Tasks Is To Optimize Productivity, Improve Working Ergonomics And Increase Quality Output By Using The Advantages Of High Repeatability, High Precision And 24/7 Operation. On Top Of These Benefits, The Goal For Nordbo Robotics Is To Enable An Operator With No Robotic Skills To Operate & Reconfigure A Grinding System On A New Part Within Minutes.

The Craftmate Software With Grinding Plugin Is A 3D Vision-Based Solution That Can Process Curved Surfaces Without Any Programming Or Use Of CAD Models. By Simply Marking An Area Or Path On The Product Image That Needs To Be Processed, The System Will Automatically Generate The Grinding Path. This Unique Feature Makes Craftmate The Best Choice When Automating The Processing Of Single Piece And Batch Products.

The Craftmate Software Can Be Integrated Into Your Own System Design And Can Be Used With All Robot Manufacturers And Tool Suppliers.