Grinding is an abrasive machining process that uses a grinding wheel as the cutting tool. The process is divided into two basic applications: 

  • Precision grinding
  • Rough grinding and cutting off
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Precision grinding (more commonly, die grinding) with handheld tools is done to remove material from small areas or spots, cavities, or other confined spaces. 

Rough grinding is effectively removing as much material (stock) as possible. Surface finish is of minor importance in this process. Removing redundant material from the cast, forged, or welded pieces can involve leveling or smoothing edges and giving the piece the required shape. It can also mean removing material to form or enlarge a cavity.

Typical tasks are fettling castings, trimming welding joints or cutting off.

Challenges within grinding application

Grinding usually requires more process time and force in order to get rid of the right amount of the material. This makes the process physically hard for human workers.

Suggestion for solution bundles alongside our software that is tested within grinding

Within grinding application different combinations with CraftMate Platform and a variety of components can be made, depending on the application needs.

For example, for faster response, when grinding complex surfaces, we suggest combining CraftMate Platform with an Active Compensation Unit. For plain and simple surface curvature, a Force Torque Sensor with passive compensation would serve the purpose.

Depending on how complex, curvy and reflective the surface that needs grinding is, there are different cameras available.

These components are tested and validated within grinding application.

Tool examples

Grinding tools that are compatible with CraftMate platform

Material Removal - Grinding - Tools - Nordbo Robotics
Applications - Grinding - CraftMate Platform - Tool - Nordbo Robotics
Applications - Grinding - CraftMate Platform - Tool - Nordbo Robotics

Application related features:

  • Fast and smooth force control
  • Freely define path spacing and contact angle according to tool selection
  • Selectable feed rate
  • Abrasive wear monitoring
  • Easy import of different tools

3D print post processing

Surface burr removal

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