Force Torque Sensor

F/T Sensor​

Need higher precision and
accuracy? Combined with our
software a F/T Sensor brings
application reliability to the next level!


Enhance reliability

Enhance your robot flexibility and reliability for assembly, insertion, pickand-place, and machine-tending applications

Easy integration

Use active force control to measure and control the force applied in applications with direct contact

Easy interface

Use the NRC-ETH/DAC for easy communication via Ethernet TCP/IP or simply use the analog output signals

Introduction to the
NRS-6 Force torque sensor

The Nordbo Robotics 6-axis force torque sensor is rigid, robust and ideal for mounting on robots for precise force control. The sensors’ minimal deformation when being exposed to forces makes the NRS-6 series ideal for applications such as grinding, polishing, buffing, and deburring where high tool precision is required. The NRS-6 is UR+ certified

NRS-6 series

The NRS-6 series can be used with every industrial- and cobot manufacturer


The MIMIC Kit is equipped with features that makes it suitable for a wide
variety of applications.

NRS-6 Series

We offer a series of force torque sensors compatible with all robot manufacturer.
The NRS-6 series ensure both accuracy and repeatability in your application.


General purpose sensor, max. 50kg payload, Ø50mm. CAN standard or optional NRC-ETH.


General purpose sensor, max. 50kg payload, Ø80mm. CAN (standard) or ETH (optional).


UR sensor bundle, max. 50kg payload, incl. NRC-ETH, mounting flanges & URCap.


General purpose sensor, max. 200kg payload, Ø80mm. CAN (standard) or ETH (optional).


UR sensor bundle, max. 200kg payload, incl. NRC-ETH, mounting flanges & URCap.

This Solution is compatible with

Complementary software has been developed for the following robot manufacturers

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Nordbo Force Torque Sensor

The ideal choice for high-precision applications
A force torque sensor measures the force applied to an object. To measure the force, it is important to consider the required and desired measuring range and accuracy to evaluate which force torque sensor is most suited for a given task. The more precise the values needs, the smaller the measuring range and the more receptive the sensors needs to be.

The force torque sensor can be used in a variety of applications. The main ones are assembly of objects and finishing tasks such as grinding and polishing as these activities require precision and repeatability. For certain tasks, the force applied needs to be accurate and consistent. This makes the force torque sensor applicable to a wide range of applications. For grinding, polishing and other finishing tasks there is a certain force that needs to be consistent to avoid sanding too aggressively, putting too much pressure on the motor, or not completing the job adequately. Also, when picking up and placing an object, the arm needs to do so without damaging the object. For other applications, such as placing or inserting an object, the lack of a force torque sensor can lead to deformation as the object is not placed in the right place or is inserted incorrectly.

NRS-6: a rigid and durable force torque sensor
Three key benefits of a force torque sensor can be defined as accuracy, resolution, and repeatability. Accuracy refers to how precise the sensor is when a certain force is selected and applied. Resolution refers to the smallest change in force that the sensor can measure. Repeatability is the sensors ability to provide the same results. By achieving these three aspects the force torque sensor will result in fewer damaged products, fewer defect products and less waste due to inadequate work.

The NRS-6 range of high-quality multi-axis force torque sensors are durable with a robust design. All NRS-6 products are equipped with an IP67 certified housing suitable for harsh environments in any application setting. The sensors are ideal for tasks such as grinding, polishing, weighing and velocity adjustment based on payload. NRS-6 can be used with any industrial- and cobot manufacturer