Nordbo Complete Systems Design and Delivery

1. Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

A FEED is a short pre-project that we undertake on your behalf to ensure that the deliverables of the project are in line with the expectations of all the parties. This project takes place over the course of approximately a week at our headquarters in Odense, Denmark, and we invite clients to join us at the end to approve of the results.

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Steps of a FEED

  • Concept Design: Our engineers determine what tools will be necessary to process the pieces to the desired state and create a plan for achieving these results.
  • Preliminary Engineering and Design Development: The process is simulated on our in-house robots to ensure that results can be achieved with accuracy and consistency. 
  • Cost Estimation: Cost estimates and economic analysis are prepared and form part of the FEED approval package.
  • FEED Package approval: Stakeholders meet to review FEED results and agree on terms
  • Scope Definition: Information is gathered delineating specifically what the application is, what the units are and how they should be processed.

Fast Programming for high mix low volume operations

Programming time and need for expertise have often kept small and medium sized businesses from automating finishing tasks. With the implementation of our tracking methods what once took days can now take minutes. Our systems are tailored to your specific application needs and can be integrated with our different technologies such as Mimic or our Active Compensation Unit.

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Case Study: Bjerrum Nielsen

With Mimic and UR10e, Bjerrum Nielsen reduces barriers to entry for automation and the implementation and user-friendliness are generally improved. Working with the robot is intuitive, it is easy to program and it is easier to train more employees. It increases the possibility of adding more products in the automation process and thus attracting more employees.

Transfer your movements to a robot and automate your applications
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Automate small productions and inconsistent batches with 3D scanning and fast programming
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Fast programming via demonstration or input of CAD/CAM models
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Enables very flexible setups with lower requirements on fixation of the batches
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Automate repetitive manual tasks within surface finishing
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Reduce the amount of material waste caused by human error
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Tackle labor shortage

Supported Robots

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See customer cases

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Powder Coating at Brandt

Case describing how G.A. Hansen helped Brandt Industrilakering to automate their powder coating process with the help of Nordbo robotics Mimic

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