Electronia China 2019


To summarize it was in Chinese context “a small fair” with a clear focus on robot & mobile applications and how to get these applications smarter by adding any kind of sensing technology and AI.

Because of the good results from the CIIE 2018, Nachi asked Nordbo Robotics to have a similar Mimic demo at the Electronica fair in Shanghai. Off course we love to demonstrate our amazing technology and the feedback was again overwhelming. During the fair we had some time to walk around to get a glimpse of the Chinese industrial market, which we like to share with our followers.

The first impression of the fair was that there were many Chinese Cobot manufacturers with some new features like a release button on the head of the Cobot to make it easy to move it to the desired position or operation via a tablet instead of a teach pendant. All these new features and manufacturers make you think how long it will take before they are also available in Europe.

As a distributor from Aubo Robotics in Denmark, we have some experience with Cobots that are manufactured in China and we can say that they are not yet there were Universal Robots are on the user friendliness part, but with the use of predefined application software this point is not so relevant anymore.

Second highlight was the big dedicated section to Vision & AI. With the demos getting more application oriented, you can see that the sensing layer of the robot applications is getting increasingly important.

The amount of AGV’s were also not to miss on this fair and it was very nice seeing some manufacturers combining them with Cobots.



Team Nordbo