Dispensing / glueing

In the manufacturing industry, “dispenser” is a generic term for both equipment that discharges a constant amount of coating fluid and the entire system for that purpose. 

Depending on the type of liquid, there is a wide variety of dispensing methods. Each method presents unique challenges for manufacturers in terms of quality, throughput and costs.

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Automotive manufacturers are using more adhesives, sealants, oils, and coatings than ever before. Precision is critical as many of these deposits seal components from environmental damage and general wear and tear. Many high-performance materials needed to bond dissimilar components and seal exposed parts are expensive, making waste reduction important.

Automatic coating with dispensers improves efficiency and functionality even when new materials are introduced.

Challenges within the application

  • Shot-to-shot repeatability
  • Shot-to-shot accuracy
  • Fluid waste
  • Operator training
  • Rework and rejects

In many applications, dispensing the exact amount of fluid required can reduce material waste by 50 percent or more.

Suggestions for solution bundles alongside our software that is tested within dispensing

Mimic is ideal for this application because it gives full control and freedom to the process experts. It allows craftsmen to intuitively record new skills for new parts within minutes. 

With Mimic, you can record wrist movements to achieve a smooth process for any spray application. 

These components are tested and validated within dispensing.

Tool examples

Tools that are compatible with Mimic platform

Applications - Dispensing - Mimic Platform - Tool - Nordbo Robotics
Applications - Dispensing - Mimic Platform - Tool - Nordbo Robotics

Application-related features:

  • Adjustable fixed speed to assure even distribution of material 
  • Path optimization
  • Locked plane (for even spray distribution)
  • Program segmentation (adjust speed and waypoints for each program)
Sabina Kethelz, Director of Business Development, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

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