Deburring is the process of removing the small imperfections known as burrs from machined metal products. 

Machining processes shape a piece of metal in different ways. Stamping, for instance, presses the workpiece in a die set, while milling uses a rotating tool to shave metal off a workpiece. Processes like these do not always work perfectly as they may leave small ridges or protrusions of metal known as burrs. 

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Burrs compromise the quality of the finished part if they are not removed. After machining or welding, during deburring these imperfections are removed to provide a smooth, reliable metal part.

Manual deburring is the most common and economical deburring method. In manual deburring, experienced technicians scrape or buff the burrs out of the metal pieces by hand using simple tools. It is a time-consuming process and can dramatically reduce productivity.

What is burr and how does it occur?

  1. During stamping, fine blanking or forming
  2. During casting, sinter and molding of material
  3. During milling, turning, drilling and grinding

Suggestion for solution bundles alongside our software platforms that are tested within deburring

Within deburring applications, both Mimic and CraftMate Platforms can bring unique benefits.

We suggest using Mimic for edge radiusing and burr removal. Mimic is a perfect solution for teaching the path around the round edges and cutting the burrs off, while CraftMate, on the other hand, is great at detecting edges and surface burrs, and rousing/smoothing the material. 

You can choose the technology based on your technique and the desired outcome.

Our platforms combined with the Flexible Spindle Mount will protect your tool and avoid unnecessary spindle breaks. 

These components are tested and validated within deburring application.

Tool examples

Deburring tools that are compatible with CraftMate and Mimic platforms

Surface Treatment - Tool - Deburring - Nordbo Robotics
Surface Treatment - Tool - Deburring - Nordbo Robotics
Material Removal - Grinding - Tools - Nordbo Robotics

Application-related features:

  • Force-controlled speed adjustment of spindle movement 
  • Fast force feedback +/-2N using NAC (optional)
  • Spindle protection using spindle mount (optional)

Application examples:

  • Edge radiusing and burr removal
  • Degating 
  • Surface burr removal
Sabina Kethelz, Director of Business Development, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

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