Flexible, compatible and user friendly robot software to easily automate your finishing aplications


Start processing new parts in minutes. New process? Simply change the tool and select it in the software.


New tools can easily be added by uploading and configuring a CAD file. Expand the use of your system and take on new projects. Tested with Bosch, Mirka, Dynebrade, FerRobotics and FlexTrim.

User friendly

CraftMate does not require any programming knowledge. The software is designed to be useable for everyone

Developed for high mix
/low volume

The Craftmate software for grinding prevents challenges such as high
changeover time and lack of flexibility in batch manufacturing
by eliminating the complex and time-consuming reconfiguration.

Using the Craftmate software enables manufacturing companies to
automate and reconfigure the processing of multiple parts without
engaging in complex programming.

Multiple program teaching methods

We are continuously developing new technologies to easily teach the robot complex movements.


Scan, select and start processing curved surfaces with the vision- based AutoPath system.


Teach the robot precise movements with the cobot-like interface. Even on industrial robots!

Your needs?

We continuously develop new teach methods. Contact us for information about solutions to specific needs.

CraftMate Application Examples

Stamping tool maintenance

Use CraftMate with AutoPath to scan, select and grind mixed pieces

Car & boat polishing

Let CraftMate do the polishing of cars and boats using a 7th axis.

Weld removal

Remove welds using the precision of Point- 2-Point teaching and force control.

What we offer

Integration Bundles – configure your own system

System design blueprint

Application software

Nordbo controller


Manuals & training


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