Celebrating 2 years at Nordbo Robotics A/S

Two years ago, we hit the ground running and have not looked back since. Our unique and innovative technologies have gained international recognition and we are proud to be the preferred supplier of robotic software solutions for Amphenol.

Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world with several Forbes500 customers such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Our unique MIMIC and Autopath application software enable the complex grinding and polishing processes used in the production of Air pods, iPhones, and MacBook among other items.

Nordbo Robotics, Agerhatten, Odense, HQ

Nordbo Robotics Milestones

2018 – Nordbo Robotics A/S was established

2018 – MIMIC technology approved and deployed for Apple polishing processes

2019 – Partnerships with Nachi and KUKA

2020 – MIMIC and Autopath Technology approved and deployed for Microsoft production processes

Up until now

Up until the merger in 2018, LEAD Robotics and Nordbo Systems were pursuing their passion separately – yet in close collaboration. After we joined forces as Nordbo Robotics A/S the progress has been rapid, both in corporate growth and in the technical development of innovative application software.

Leo Zhou (CEO) and Jimmy Jørgensen (CTO) share the same dream of bringing modern robot technology and innovative software to manufacturers worldwide, and with the financial back-up provided by Chinese investors at the end of 2018 we are ready to take over the world of robot automation – one partnership at a time.


Where do we go from here?

Our focus will continue to be within the field of application software for advanced manufacturing. We want to make production dreams come true with innovative software technology, and we genuinely believe robot applications should be easy, flexible, and accessible for everybody.

Building on our unique skillset and portfolio of innovative technology we want to be the leading company in providing application software on par with current market leaders in robot technology.

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