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Polishing, Case, Advanced Polishing, Mimic, Amphenol, Nordbo Robotics

Mimic, Polishing

Mimic increased productivity at Amphenol with 70%​

Nordbo Robotics’ advanced polishing software increases productivity with 70% by automating manual polishing processes at Amphenol.

Basic polishing case with Amphenol, Mimic, Point to Point (P2P) Nordbo Robotics

Mimic, Polishing

Automation increases quality ratio at Amphenol with 50%​

Nordbo Robotics’ basic polishing software increases quality ratio with 50% by optimizing polishing processes at Amphenol.

Hesheng polishing case, CraftMate, NRS-6 Force Torque sensor, AutoPath teach method, COVID-19, Nordbo Robotics

CraftMate, Grinding

Nordbo kept production going during COVID-19 at Hesheng​

Nordbo Robotics’ CraftMate software automates grinding processes of automotive die-blocks and gave unexpected advantages during the COVID-19 situation.

Grinding case, ITP Aero, CraftMate, P2P teach method Nordbo Robotics

CraftMate, Grinding

A step towards a sustainable flight at ITP Aero​

Nordbo Robotics’ CraftMate software automates grinding processes of 3D printed turbine parts and is enabling a step forward to a sustainable flight.