Active compensation unit

The Nordbo Active Compensation unit (NAC) is suitable for every robot that works with processes with high force control requirements. Those robots equipped with NAC can reliably measure the force of tool applied on any working surface, achieving consistent contact force without any adaptations of robot paths.

One click tool weight calibration

Precise compensation of tool weight in all orientations, even upside down!

Webserver for setup

Simple setup accessed over ethernet using your laptop or phone!

Programmable IO and preset force target for easy commissioning

Connect directly to PLC or Robot I/O and control target force

Softlanding support

Robot can start motion exactly when contact is detected

NAC, Active Compensation Unit, Rendering, Nordbo Robotics

Consistant force control

No matter of complexity of the surface curvature, this technology is able to automate both operations sensitive to contact, and applications with various tolerance levels, in a simple, reliable and economical manner, in turn offering our clients a powerful tool to increase competitiveness on the market.

One robot, multiple tasks

The NAC is designed for both as an end-of-arm mount on a robot or as a standalone component. The rectangular shape offers easy and stable installation possibilities. The compact design makes NAC the lightest compensation unit on the market with a total weight of only 2.6 kg.

Active Compensation Unit - NAC - Nordbo Robotics

Large surface sanding (car repair and finishing)

Weld seam removal

Lisa Marie Bagge, Channel Development Manager, No Code, Nordbo Robotics

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