We make

Automation of Surface Processing & Quality Inspection Intuitive & Accessible

We make

Automaton of Surface Processing & Quality Inspection

Intuitive & Accessible

We do so through our software platforms for robots. Our platforms adopt human skills – and adapt them into robotic automation of surface processing and surface quality inspection. We give skilled workers the control of the process results, and the ability to do new robot programmes as often as needed.

We wish to play a leading role in ensuring manufacturing industries will keep their processing know-how and be able to scale productions in a safe and sustainable way despite the increasing global labor shortage. With our strong global alliances of robotic solution providers, we offer a wide range of customised solutions within surface processing and quality inspection.

Nordbo Robotics creates value both in manual and traditionally automated processes

Challenges we solve

Manual processes

Currently more than 90%

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Faulty manual processing can lead to scrapped parts and inconsistent use of abrasives. Meeting tolerances and achieving high uniformity is difficult with manual work.

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Some companies struggle to provide protective equipment and proper ventilation. Processing work can cause serious long-term injuries.

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Companies worldwide struggle to find skilled labor for processing tasks.

Traditional automation

Currently less than 10%

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Existing automation solutions require significant time for setup and worker training. Programming and reprogramming require specialized knowledge or external support.

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Extensive setups are expensive and take up a lot of space.

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Some automation solutions rely on 3D files that may not match part tolerances. Current solutions are designed for mass production and require lengthy reprogramming times to adapt to new products. The increased popularity of high mix/low volume requires too much programming time to feasibly automate.

We serve different industries globally

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Aerospace and Defense

Automate surface processing for precise, consistent component finishes.

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Marine and Boat

Automate large surface processing in both production and in maintenance.

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Streamline surface processing in production as well as in repairs.

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Interior and Architectural Components

Enhance aesthetics with automated surface processing.

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Robotics Solutions for consumer products Consumer Products

Revolutionize surface treatment for durability and appeal.

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Consumer Electronics

Enable consistent, precise finishes for functionality and appeal.

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General Manufacturing

Optimize workflows with automated, high-quality finishes.

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Enhance medical device performance with automated surface processing solutions.

See customer cases

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Powder Coating at Brandt

Case describing how G.A. Hansen helped Brandt Industrilakering to automate their powder coating process with the help of Nordbo robotics Mimic

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We provide value together with our partners

Karl Ericsson
Managing Director
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“We really liked having the opportunity to meet Team Nordbo and get to know them and play with the Mimic Platform. The team was very welcoming and made us feel as a part of the company.”

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Testimonial by

Karl Ericsson

Thoralf Thimian
Head of Automation Department
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We are excited to provide great value to our customers by simplifying their entry into the world of automation with the no code solution of Nordbo Robotics.

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Jorge Ruitina Testa
Collaborative Robotics Manager
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We are excited to provide great value to our customers by simplifying their entry into the world of automation with the no code solution of Nordbo Robotics.

Henrik Christensen
Channel Sales Manager
628cd8b110f7b09c39411e76 Technicon

“We work with Nordbo’s software platforms to be able to deliver flexible sanding and grinding solutions that our customers can customize and program on their own. The philosophy behind Mimic corresponds 100% with ours”

“At Nordbo Robotics, we bridge human skills with robot precision allowing humans to be creative, and robots – repetitive”
Leo Zhou - CEO, Nordbo Robotics