NRV-D 3D Camera

The NRV-D 3D camera is an industrial graded camera for your robot applications.

The camera is used in many of Nordbo’s application software bundles and is based on the acclaimed Real-Sense technology with an new and improved casing to protect the camera from dust and water.

Pick & Place

Detect packages and their orientation within the robot workspace using 3D vision technology

3D-based path planning

Generate a 3D model of the scanned surface and automate the path planning

Customize solutions

Develop your own innovative solutions and automate complex applications

Industrial Depth Camera

The Nordbo Industrial Depth Camera D435e is built with Intel® RealSense™ technology. The depth camera has a standard USB3 interface with buildin power connectors and features a wide field of view for depth and RGB sensors. Its water- and dust resistant housing is optimized for industrial environments. 

This camera is ideal for OEMs and integrators who need 3D as well as 2D vision in their products and applications. The global shutter of the depth sensors allows for applications with fast motion, while the D415e provides higher accuracy through a higher baseline with rolling shutter sensors. 

The Nordbo Industrial Depth Camera D435e is compatible with the Cross-platform SDK for Intel® RealSense™ devices, enabling multiple programming languages, wrappers, sample code and tools. This camera is used within Nordbo CraftMate Platform to acquire 3D data of the workpiece to be processed.

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Lens-cleaning bracket

It is also optional to purchase a self-cleaning bracket for mounting the camera. The bracket has built-in air nozzles. They provide a constant air circulation around the camera lens in order to prevent dust or water to bloke the field of view. This option is ideally for the applications in a harsh industrial environment with high dust or humidity rate, for example grinding, sanding, painting, etc.

Bob Rijs, Business Development Manager, Nordbo Robotics

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Bob Rijs, Business Development Manager